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Having a software product that is appreciated and sought after depends a lot on the initial impression it makes on the user and usually the very first contact is with the installer which sets up the product onto a computer. If this package is put together and presented in an attractive yet professional manner, a good deal of the road towards the goal is traveled from the get-go.

To build such installers, using a special tool like Setup Factory is a must. This particular application offers a wide variety of customizations and advanced settings that are meant to satisfy even the most demanding developers.

Through a friendly and well organized interface, the utility manages to cover a lot of areas, including dependencies that have to go with the packaged product, uninstallation options and supported operating systems.

For each project created with Setup Factory you can add file and folder references, configure session variables and the installer’s background window. It is also possible to choose the system requirements for each package, manage the log files and optionally set the type of install to be silent or unattended.

Insofar as the visuals are concerned, Setup Factory enables developers to select the desired skins, set up the actions and prompt screens that will be presented to the users. As one would expect from such a software, the expiration date for non-free products as well as the serial numbers are not overlooked and can be configured with ease.

Before creating the installation package, the build settings can be customized so the end product will meet the size, platform and compression preferences. A distinct possibility when it comes to the publishing options is to use the dedicated wizard that makes everything even more easy.

All in all, Setup Factory certainly delivers on expectations and manages to offer a strong feature set that is so easy to use that even beginner users will have no problems in handling it.

Here are some key features of “Setup Factory”:

• Create Professional Windows Software Installers
• Advanced Installer Features that are Easy to Use
• Installer Scripting Language for 100% Flexibility
• Customizable Install Wizard Dialogs and Themes
• Compact Setup.exe for Web, CD/DVD, USB & LAN
• 100% Windows Compatibility – Ready for Windows 10 today!


• Feature: Added Windows 10/Server 10 support to Setup Factory’s design environment and supporting files.
• Feature: Added Windows 10/Server 10 support to Setup Factory’s runtime and supporting files.
• Feature: Added Windows 10/Server 10 (Server version is tentative) to the OS conditions tree.
• Feature: Added Windows 10/Server 10 to the System.GetOSName action.
• Feature: Updated SUF’s documentation where applicable.
• Feature: Performed Windows 10 compatibility testing on SUF’s design and runtime using the Windows 10 Technical Preview.
• Fix: Updated distributed upx.exe to version
• Fix: Updated the System.GetOSProductInfo action with 16 additional constants.
• Fix: Improved the resizing behavior of the Control Panel tab of the Uninstall Settings dialog.
• Fix: Made it so that setting _UninstallStages[“RemoveUninstallFiles”] to false would also leave behind the uninstall runtime.
• Fix: Fixed a crashing bug in Setup Factory’s design environment that only occurred when running the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Virtual Machine. It occurred while adding files.
• Fix: Fixed a couple spelling mistakes in the setup’s build log.
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the Windows XP runtime conditions weren’t working properly.
• Fix: Added version resource information to the distributed copies of lua5.1.dll (x86 and x64).
• Fix: Fixed an issue where sometimes installing a font file would fail to detect that the file was in use causing an extracting error.
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the trial version of Setup Factory’s design environment would fail to launch on the Windows 10 Technical Preview.
How To Download Instructions

How To Download Instructions

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