AdwCleaner 6.0.41 Free Download

AdwCleaner is a free removal tool for 

Adware (ads softwares)
PUP/LPI (Potentially Undesirable Program)
Hijacker (Hijack of the browser’s homepage)

It works with a Search and Delete mode. It can be easily uninstalled using the mode “Uninstall”.

It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 in 32 & 64 bits.

[UPD] – Microsoft Edge handling
[UPD] – GUI fixes
[UPD] – Use AdwCleaner folder as much as possible
[UPD] – Improve Italian translation
[UPD] – Improve Dutch translation
[UPD] – Modules time in telemetry
[UPD] – Database 2016-12-15.1

[BUG] – Reduce Conduit module scanning time
How To Download Instructions

How To Download Instructions

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