Remix OS Hacked Edition/Version For PC Free Download

1.Prerooted with SuperSU (with preupdated SU Binary)
2.Busybox Installed
3.init.d Enabled
4.Added latest OTA v2.0.202 dated 31 Mar 2016
5.Added CyanogenMod “Eleven” Music Player
6.Added CyanogenOS AudioFX
7.Added CyanogenMod Advanced Calculator with ability to draw Graphs.
8.Added CyanogenMod Browser 9.Gapps (Play Store and Play Services) are preinstalled 10.Removed Bloatwares (Videos/Photos of Remix Mini/Unresponsive apps like MX player and Music)
11.Two modes: Google mode for those who want play services and NoGoogle mode for those who do not want play services.

CHANGELOGS(Hacked Edition) 
– Added OTA v2.0.202 dated 31 Mar 2016
– Fixed app not installing from SDcard bug.
– Added NoGoogle Command to disable Gapps…(so u can now switch to Google and NoGoogle mode)
– Optimised Google command CHANGELOGS(REMIX OS)
– Bug Fix – Windows System cannot boot up while Remix OS is installed on Hard Disk – Issue of automatically modify time setting in Windows System
-OTA update broken on USB flash drive

– Optimize support for some older CPU devices which are using SSE3 instruction set (e.g. Pentium Dual-Core)
– Add a new App store
– Amazon Underground
– Add a new browser
– Google Chrome
– Add a bookmark on how to install GMS on the desktop
– Support more video formats, including mp4, wmf and mov
– Speed up the initial boot up time on hard disk installation
– Experimental Feature
– Support GPU Software simulation for those GPU which are not supported by Kernels – Change the size of icon on high resolution screen
– Enable trackpad as a mouse

2.Open RemixOS Installation Tool
3.Select “RemixOS xXX 2016XXXX.iso” in iso box.
4.Select desired installation type (Hard Disk/USB) 5.Select target drive. 6.Select RemixOS from boot menu.

1.Open Terminal
2.Type “Google” or “NoGoogle” as per your choice without the quotes.


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