Condusiv Diskeeper 2016 Pro / Server 19.0.1212.0 + Crack Free Download

Diskeeper Professional provides essential performance and efficiency increases that all business desktops and laptops need to function productively. Diskeeper prevents the majority of fragmentation (scattered file fragments randomly placed across the hard drive) before it can happen and instantly defrags the rest.

Keep Windows Systems Running Like
Everyone knows the frustration of a Windows® system becoming progressively slower the longer it is used and burdened with more software and data.
Condusiv’s Diskeeper® 16 prevents degradation in Windows performance and associated storage by preventing fragmentation from occurring at the Windows level in real-time, before files are written in a performance-penalized state.

Key Benefits
Keep physical servers and Windows PCs running like new
Eliminate SAN storage performance degradation
Proactively eliminate performance-robbing fragmentation
Easily deploys across the network with a central management console
Improve productivity by ensuring applications run at peak performanc

What’s NEW in Diskeeper 16
IntelliMemory®: DRAM read caching technology to accelerate performance by servicing hot reads within available DRAM
Note: nothing has to be allocated for cache since it’s a dynamic cache, which means there is never an issue of resource contention or memory starvation. If an application is memory constrained and requires full memory usage at any moment, IntelliMemory throttles back completely.
New Dashboard that reveals the full benefits of the software to any given system
IntelliWrite® write optimization engine improvements for more efficient fragmentation prevention to both HDDs and SSDs

Available in Professional and Server Editions
Diskeeper 16 Professional for Endpoints greatly enhances the performance of corporate laptops and desktops. The latest PCMark benchmarking tests demonstrate that Diskeeper 16 increases the performance of Windows 10 PCs by 73 percent in the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite tests, launches common applications 93 percent faster and boosts the Storage Bandwidth test by 31 percent with a mere 4GB of idle, unused DRAM leveraged for cache.
Diskeeper 16 Server speeds physical server system performance of the most I/O intensive applications such as SQL Server by 2X to 6X depending on the amount of idle, unused memory. An expansive I/O performance study on 3,450 servers revealed an average 40 percent latency reduction with only 3GB of idle DRAM.
Options include Diskeeper Administrator management console to automate deployment for hundreds or thousands of PCs or servers.
A free 30-day software trial download is available at
Diskeeper 16 is also available immediately from Condusiv and its network of resellers and solution providers.
How To Download Instructions

How To Download Instructions

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