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Pokemon Uranium: After the Famous of Pokemon Go game. Now One of Pokemon Fan Released the Pokemon Uranium Games for Pc.It is Different than the Pokemon Go Game.According to the Pokemon Uranium Official site.The Fan spent 9 Year Plus to make this game

Uranium v1.0 includes:
All 8 Gyms
The Tandor Championship
192 Species of Pokémon to catch & evolve – plus 8 more coming in future updates
A full storyline – battle against a powerful Nuclear enemy
Online features: Battle and Trade directly with other players, and also use GTS and Wonder Trade and Mystery Gift
Multiple Save Files
30+ Hours of Gameplay


1.Open your start menu and type “notepad” in the search
2.Right click on Notepad and choose “Run as administrator”
3.In the new Notepad window choose “File > Open…”
4.Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Pokemon Uranium Team\Pokemon Uranium 1.0\neoncube” (may vary if you installed Pokémon Uranium somewhere else)
5.At the bottom right corner of the Open dialog is a drop down menu saying “text files”. Click on it and choose “all files”.
6.Now open the file “neoncube.ini” (might be displayed simply as “neoncube” with the type “configuration file”)
7. In the file there is a line that says:
patch_list = /Patches/patchlist.html
Change it to:
patch_list = /Patches/patchlist.txt

8.Now save the file and start your Patcher. It should start patching now or display “Status: No new updates.”. In this case you have done everything right and your game should be up-to-date.

How To Download Instructions

How To Download Instructions

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