Deepin 15.3 Free Download

Linux Deepin (formarly Hiweed GNU/Linux) is an open source and freely distributed operating system based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution and featuring its own desktop environment, theme, icons, and login manager.

Combined power plugin and shutdown button
Optimized network, sound, mounting and other plugins
Optimized system tray management

Control Center:
Fixed the issue in display module that double-screen switching is invalid occasionally
Fixed the issue in display module that contents on desktop misplaced after switching double screens several times
Fixed the issue in network module that new users are required to identify when logging in to use network
Fixed the issue in sound module that sound play can not be switched to HDMI external device manually
Fixed the issue in date and time module that unable to add time zone occasionally
Fixed the issue in keyboard and language module that the setting of repeat delay is invalid after rebooted
Fixed the issue in boot menu that the resolution of boot menu is very low after installed the system and rebooted
Fixed the issue that Keyring unlock dialog always popped up

Fixed the issue that desktop files can not be selected and dragged occasionally
Fixed the issue that new templates can not be used when entering the system in the first time
Fixed the issue that desktop file location is reset after rebooting
Fixed the issue that unable to identify the icon sending to desktop from launcher

Added application icon theme
Added navigation shortcuts for Emacs style
Optimized animation of category text
Fixed the issue that incomplete display in low resolution
Fixed the issue that mouse can not scroll in blank area

Lock Screen and Logger:
Added background settings
Optimized the operation of switching user
Fixed the issue that unable to switch keyboard layout
Fixed the issue that multiple users can not be displayed fully
Fixed the issue that session often can not be displayed fully

Application and System Update:
Fixed the issue that download/update progress is always zero
Fixed the issue that auto check update function is invalid
Fixed the issue that the prompt of updates still exist occasionally after the system updated.

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