Twelve Something Alternatives to Gmail

Gmail, for many, has become the go-to email solution due its advanced options, including an integrated chat function and access to other Google features that help you keep up with your Google Plus buddies. Because the service is so feature-packed, some say it is the best out there for both personal and professional use.

But Gmail is definitely not the end-all when it comes to email accounts. There are some others that can give it a run for its money. Don’t believe it? Here are 15 alternatives to Gmail you might want to consider.

1. FastMail

FastMail is a free business and personal email service that is growing in popularity. Similar to Gmail, it offers tons of email storage. Also, it gives the option to make instant photo galleries and offers a backup service. Plus, you can open a family account that allows you to manage everyone’s information in one control panel.

2. GMX

The GMX email service is a bit different because it allows you to round up all of your email accounts and build one account in its server. Through GMX, you can access your mail from either your phone or your web browser. Also, you can store up to 5GB in your personal email account with an amazing 50MB per message.

3. Hotmail‎

Hotmail has been around for ages and is still a major player in the email world thanks to its ever-evolving interface, implemented calendar and backup options. The chatting function may not be as well integrated as the one found on Gmail, but it’s still quite a nice alternative.

4. Hushmail

If you want to keep your emails on the “hush,” or you basically want to keep your emails safe from prying eyes, Hushmail may be a good alternative to Gmail. This service adds PGP encryption to every email that goes out, helping to keep your messages secure. Also, the application works well with Blackberry and iPhone, also offering optional Outlook Integration.

5. iCloud Mail‎

iCloud Mail is a nice email service from the ever-so-popular Apple that offers ample storage, IMAP and POP access, and a fantastic web application. One thing to note about iCloud, however, is that its interface at doesn’t offer labels or other advanced tools that allow for mail organization like some other services out there.

6. is one of the better alternatives to Gmail because it offers a whopping 5GB of storage, along with a solid interface. What’s cool about this service is that you can access your account via the web or through POP in your email program. The downside? IMAP isn’t supported and some of the tools used for organizing mail could be a bit simpler.

7. is a relatively advanced email service, offering the basics along with unlimited storage space and spam protection. Also, it has integrated Facebook and Twitter, and provides access to national news stories. One complaint some have is that it isn’t fantastic when it comes to mail organization.

8. Shortmail

If you have grown accustomed to leading a Twitter lifestyle then you might fall in love with this unique email option. Shortmail places emphasis on easy, fast and effective communication by limiting each email to 500 characters per message. Of course, the downside to this type of account is not being able to send longer messages when you’d like. However, longer emails can be forwarded.

9. Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is very much the equivalent of Hotmail. In fact, you can sign into your Hotmail or Windows Live accounts from the same login page. Like Hotmail, this email option gives you access to calendars and chatting options. Also, you can utilize the same SkyDrive online backup storage option.

10. Yahoo Mail‎

Yahoo Mail is a veteran email service that integrates Yahoo Messenger, a calendar, the latest Yahoo News, and even a function that allows you to send money through PayPal with your mail account. There’s no doubt that it’s a pretty good alternative to consider.

11. Yandex Mail‎

Yandex Mail isn’t as well-known as some others on the list, but it may be worth a try if you are looking for an alternative. It offers unlimited free storage and an attractive, easy-to-use interface. Also, this service allows you to connect to your other e-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo. Another cool feature is SMS notification to recipients, as well as one that allows you to insert cards and videos.

12. Zoho Mail‎

The free version of Zoho Mail offers personalized email and instant messaging options that come without advertisements. But what’s really nice about this service is its remote and offline functions, 2-way sync, and mobile sites that are perfectly optimized for both smartphones and tablets.

12bis . 10MinutesEmail
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