Lynda – Python Scripting for Blender

Make Blender better by harnessing the power of Python. Whether you’re an artist or a developer, scripting is a great selling point to add to your resume. Once you master the basics, you can automate time-consuming modeling and animation tasks, customize the Blender interface, or even package to share or sell your enhancements to other users. Patrick W. Crawford shows how to use Blender’s built-in Python console window and the bpy library to create simple one-line scripts, create custom panels and menus, and build and package add-ons. These techniques will take your Blender skills to the next level and help you enter an exciting new world of Python programming.
* Controlling Blender with code
* Exploring the bpy library
* Creating Blender operators and properties
* Writing scripts
* Auto running scripts
* Drawing interface elements such as panels and menus
* Building a custom add-on

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