Facebook Messenger For Pc

Who uses Facebook as a communication platform, brings with this easy-held mini-program the Facebook chat on the Windows desktop. After entering the own Facebook credentials, you see the status of your friends and chat with Facebook contacts. In addition, the software also displays notifications from the social network in the program window.

Sounds (can be disabled in settings)
Desktop notifications (enable them in settings)
Voice and video calls
Badge with the number of notifications in the dock/taskbar (OS X and Windows)
Auto-launch on OS startup (OS X, Windows)
Native notifications (all platforms)
System tray icon on Windows
3 themes: Default, Dark and Mosaic
Auto-hide the left sidebar
Open links in browser or new window
Preferences in the right-click context menu (or menu bar for OS X, tray menu for Windows)

How To Download Instructions

How To Download Instructions

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