Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7

This OKR engineering software installs and make the OEM reserved parition (LENOVO_PART) for those who has deleted or removed the lenovo recovery parition . It is used by Lenovo service center.

DOES NOTwork on windows 8 based Lenovo laptop and all Thinkpad (business class laptop).

1)Download and burn this on a DVD
2)Boot your PC with this DVD and choose for Option 2
3)It will prompt you to select your preferred language, 5 is for US English
4) It will create the LENOVO_PART partition of the factory default size of 14.26 GB (15000 MB) and will shut down.

5)Press the NOVO button on your laptop and it will begin to backup existing OS into the recovery partition.
6)Download and Install OneKey Recovery 7 software from lenovo website and voil´┐Ż, the factory restore is working again!.

You may choose to use option 1: Install OKR 7.0 (Clean Partition) if you wish to install own copy of windows 7 without all the bloatware.


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